Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2012-2013 Review

"I know it feels like Ive been gone for a minute , but Im back chinchilla ice on wita fitted"

Took a little break from cite, but I'm back with yall, and I truly appreciate each and every person who takes the time to read about my obsession with the game of football. What a finish to the NFL season we witnessed, which seems like years ago now when I think about it. The greatest motivator and arguably the greatest linebacker of all time in Ray Lewis coming back from injury and going out holding up the Lombardi trophy, what better of a script could of been written for him and the Ravens. I put arguably because there are some critiques, experts, everyday people that would dispute where Ray Lewis ranks...Im not one of them though! On that note I must pay tribute to the great #52...

The Greatest Linebacker to ever do it, Ray Lewis #Salute

"The sun don't shine forever, so as long as we here then we might as well shine together"

As I transition into getting back into the swing of updating my blog weekly I will continue to talk about the hot topics as well as the inspiring ones that come hand in hand with this game. In addition I will also answer questions in my objective opinion, for example is the read option here to stay? Who made the best off seasons additions? What teams seem to be going back to the drawing board? And of course as the draft approaches, which teams will add the quality pieces in a draft which that does not feature a quarterback of the Andrew Luck or the RGIII stature but on the other hand is top heavy with offensive and defensive linemen. And we must not forget about those hidden gems the great GMs find that burst on the scene because they were overlooked or as we say in my part of the suburbs "slept on". Many topics I will dive into like Michael Phelps, and as always if you disagree wit something I have to say your comments are always welcomed, but you better bring it! And as always if your just a supporter of my work then show your luv!

Until next time I leave you with some highlights from the most impressive thing I witnessed all of this passed football season, 8 year old FEMALE Sam Gordon straight # BEASTMODE in Pop Warner! haha

P.S this is a blog about football but I have to give a big Shout-out  to the RMU basketball squad and their biggest win in school history against KU! This is the university that gave me an opportunity in football coming out of high school and even though it didn't work out for me, and mainly because of me smh, I have to show my love for an area and the city of Pittsburgh which I grew to love!... Time waits for nobody! Still working , still grinding everyday!