Saturday, August 31, 2013

Adios Tebow

Surprise Surprise, Tim Tebow has been released by the Patriots. This doesn't come so much as a surprise to be being that he has been the number three quarterback on a Patriots team with Tom Brady and third year qb Ryan Mallet who has done enough to prove himself worthy of the back up spot. Never the void of media coverage with Tebow although it  has  been about everything but his play on the football field. He's a great guy I get it, and he did have a good outing in the final pre- season game BUT New England may have done him the biggest favor by bringing him in to see how a HOF Qb gets is done. They also may have done him a favor by releasing him before he spent another season on the sideline holding a clipboard. With that being said its about time Jacksonville brings  their home town hero in the mix...they have Nothing...I repeat NOTHING to lose.

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