Thursday, August 1, 2013

Football is Back

35 days until the pros and careers of the veterans and un-drafted are on the line as a 90 man roster is cut to 53.....Aug 29th begins the college schedule....walk-ons/ the overlooked try and make a name for themselves while the All Americans are fine tuning in efforts to improve their draft stock.....High School and Pop -Warner programs are set to lead young men into future collegiate and NFL stars or at least prepare them with life long lessons and tools to be successful men in the future. This all while having the one common goal on the back of their minds...WIN ...Who put the work in?..Not because they had to but because they have a fire burning deep down.??..A fire to be great...plain and simple... but after you're considered great there is another level...a level that brings a fire to lead and bring your team together as a heartbeat, Ha. We find out year in and out who the good and the great players are...but we also find out who refuses to be called anything less then a CHAMPION....It's almost time for football season...Let the passion...let the pride.....let the hysteria begin...

Yall Ready!?

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