Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No need to worry....Big bro has your back

A couple Sundays ago I had the chance to catch the Giants Colts pre- season game. Now anybody who knows me understands that I have love for the Indianapolis Colts and this love affair has lasted a long faithful time, but no need to indulge I promise, I was intrigued by something else. What caught my eye ......well, aside from a little Luck 

was a Td snag from second year wide out T.Y Hilton. 3rd round selection out of FIU( Florida International University) in the 2012 draft. Before I ramble off about his rookie stats, another thought came to mind while I was watching, I thought about older brothers...bare with me I'll bring it together.... Although I have older male cousins that I consider older brothers and being the oldest of  two younger siblings, I'm not exactly speaking from first hand experience, but lets just say I did have one...I would have hoped that he would of have been a dude that was  productive firstly, one that I'd aspire to be like because he consistently put in work, not just when everyone was watching, but because he's constantly thinking and active towards staying on top of his game, a swagger that boasted his actions instead of his words, a leader...my imaginary older bro...  But in reality that description fits none other than 13 year wide-out Reggie Wayne. Year in and out the man does his job, it's plane and simple...or maybe he just makes it look that way... Since 2004 Reggie Wayne has had one season under 1,000 yards which was in 2011 with Curtis Painter under center, and that's pretty much all I have to say about that .....yeah it was a bad year.....with that being said he still racked up 960 yards and 4 tds. My point in all this is that T.Y Hilton, heck as well as Andrew Luck have been the benefactors of the veteran receivers' savvy on and off the field. Productive in the community, not getting into trouble at night clubs, running the right routes, finding wholes to sit down in between defenders, catching everything with his HANDS. You can't tell me Luck's 4,000 plus yards passing and Hiltons' 863 and 7 TD's were not influence by having Reggie Wayne on the field, not to mention his 1,355 and 5 Tds worth of contribution. My bias is clear as it pertains to the Indianapolis Colts but if I was to try and add my two cents of objectivity? I'd bet on Luck and Hilton to continue to build on that connection from a season ago. And as baby bro's are young, athletic, and in Luck's case especially ahead of their time? They are rest assured by the fact that future HOF'er aka "big bro" will be there to have their back.

Oh yea fantasy owners? Your Welcome.

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