Friday, September 20, 2013

Why I was wrong about the Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid in his illustrious return to Philly gets the win 26-16, Chiefs improve to 3-0 and the Eagles now have lost 2 strait on their home field. But what I took from the game was far from what I expected. Going into the game my initial thoughts were if the Eagles protect the ball and get their offense going the Chiefs wouldn't be able to keep up. If the opposite were to occur the Chiefs would be able to play efficiently enough to control the clock and keep Philly out of rhythm. My issue with Philly is solely based on their defensive unit and the piss poor effort they displayed a week prior against the San Diego Chargers. In my mind there was no way the Eagles could turn the ball over and stand a chance...just no way....but i was wrong. In an Eagles loss I saw some encouraging things going forward, especially in that vulnerable NFC East were taking the reins of first place is like running away from the kid with "Cooties" during recess in elementary school. Here are some key stats I took from last night.

 Sacks: Chiefs- 5 (Derrick Johnson .5, Justin Houston 3.5(Game Ball), Tamba Hali 1

             Eagles - 5(Nate Allen 1, Fletcher Cox 1, Trent Cole 1, Vinny Curry 1, Brandon Graham 1)

Eagles showed the ability to get to the quarterback and it was done by committee. The 5 sacks equals the total number they had combined coming into the game last night. They were effective and fast, getting stops on third downs(Chiefs 6-18 oin 3rd down situations) and as well as in scoring opportunities(Chiefs 1-6 in the red zone)...until the forth quarter when they really needed one..but at the same time it shouldn't have been on their shoulders. None the less it was contrary to what I thought before hand and that is a promising sign going forward. They showed they were capable, they showed they showed the potential to be consistent.

On they other side of the Ball we saw Justin Houston combine the attributes of Lawrence Taylor and J.J Watt. Not only the 3.5 sacks but also added 3 pass deflections, he disrupted the Eagles game plan all night. The third year linebacker from Georgia is  "chompin at the bit" to be recognized amongst the elite linebackers in the game.

Turnovers: Chiefs - 0
               Eagles - 5

5 turnovers will lose you just about any football game especially when the other team doesn't commit one. Two interceptions I'm sure Vick would love to have back and three lost fumbles, yet they were still a stop away from getting the ball back in the forth with an opportunity to score to go ahead.

Run Game: Chiefs - 147 yards ( J. Charles 93, Alex Smith 33, Knile Davis 25)

                   Eagles - 260 yards ( Mccoy 158, Vick 95, Brown 7)

This is the area of the game where altough the Eagles dominated, I think there could have been much separation created in this stat. Mccoy's numbers came on 20 carries which is around his avg. number of carries on the season. Michael Vick on the other hand, his yards came on 5 carries (4 mainly with the final one being a four yard loss) for 95 yards. Vick was 13- 30  through the air for only 201 yards as his main man  Desean Jackson being blanketed up for most of the night(Only 62 yards receiving). With that being said I believe those numbers would have enhanced his efficiency had Vick taken off more often.

Final Thoughts

I would of never thought the Eagles would have had 5 turnovers, Michael Vick would struggle passing, the Eagles defense would step up...for the most part..... and they would lose a close one. In a second strait home loss its tough to say there is a light at the end of the tunnel but if the Eagles fine tune a couple of areas I believe they can get back on track. Their defense needs to continue to be on the rise and the offense has to take what the defense gives them and eliminate those self inflicting wounds. Defensively they did enough last night to get a win...more then enough. I for one did not expect much out of that unit, and offensively I don't expect 5 turnover from the Eagles offense on a weekly bases.

On the other side, have the Chiefs arrived? Their 3-0 and they should feel good about themselves but I would pump the breaks before you check them off as playing at Met Life come Super Bowl time. Yes Jamall Charles is a beast, Alex Smith makes all the smart plays and doesn't turn the ball over. Their defense is young and athletic. But I' not sold on Donnie Avery getting 120 yard plus receiving yards every game with all his catches seeminging to come on third and longs especially late in the game. I get he stepped  up and exploited the Eagle defense with  the attention drawn to Dwayne Bowe and Charles out of the backfield. We also must remember they play in the same division as Peyton Manning, The Lightning Bolts, and the Oakland Pryors'.They came in with a good strategy so they deserve the credit, no mistakes on offense, and cause disruption on defense, even if it meant laying on the field faking an injury to stop the Eagles momentum ..tuche Andy Reid ..tuche


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quick Thoughts from week 2 and Thursday Night Football

After week 2 of the NFL season I question how much separation has been created between the 0-2 teams the 2-0's and the 1-1's. Has is been much? Lets take a look

0-2: AFC- Steelers, Browns Jaguars
       NFC- Panthers, Redskins, Vikings, Giants, Buccaneers

Only two of these teams were playoff squads from last season being the Skins and Vikings. Out of this group I believe the Redskins and possibly the Steelers may have the best chance to turn their season around. Both divisions up for grab in the NFC East, as an 8-8 record or a 9-7 may just put you in first place(which gives every team in that division a fighters chance realistically). As for the team from "The Burg" as much as it pains me to say, the Steelers have issues with their offensive line and their offensive coordinator Todd Haley...heck, how about a running game! Their loyalty to the son of Dick Haley who put together those great Steeler championship teams from the 1971-90. The relationship has just not worked out and unless Big Ben is given more of the reins to play his "backyard football" style of play, the proud Steelers franchise will be on the outside looking in for a second strait season. But just like the NFC East, the AFC North is a division of great rivalries where anything outside of the Browns winning it can happen.. ....Cleveland, Cleveland all I can say is thank you, and I will get to that shortly.

2-0's : AFC- Patriots, Dolphins,Texans, Chiefs, Broncos
          NFC- Bears, Saints, Seahawks

Every team in this group I expect to be in the playoff hunt. Broncos,Texans and Seahawks are my clear cut standouts for locks come playoff time. The Pat's have to get healthy and the Dolphins believe they can surprise some people...well many many people.. Saints have the Falcons standing in their way, although they already beat them once week one. The Bears have Packers, Lions and even the Vikings who can still beat you any given Sunday because of #28 in the backfield. I see the Seahawks being the most dangerous team out of the pack,coming a game short of the NFC championship a season ago. I believe their goal is to secure home filed advantage and ride the wave of "The 12th Man" to the Super Bowl. We will see how they continue to fair on the road as they played a close one against the Panthers week 1.

1-1's: AFC - Jets, Bills, Bengals, Ravens, Colts, Titans, Raiders, Chargers
         NFC- Cowboys, Eagles, Packers, Lions, Falcons, Rams, 49ers, Cardinals

My locks out of this group would be the Bengals who I believe will win the AFC North and the 9ers who as we all know represented the NFC in the Super Bowl a season ago. Packers and Falcons will be in the hunt to win their division as well as the fighting chance for the Eagles and Cowboys who I already briefly discussed. Cardinals and Rams have improved but still have to dethrone the Seahawks an 9ers as the "top dawgs" in the division. Chargers, Raiders are looking up to the Chiefs (who we well get to see tonight ) and the Broncos the favorites to win the AFC West. Ravens will improve defensively but their offense has still been on snooze mode, the injury to Ray Rice dose not good news either. Jets and Bills have every opportunity to make ground on the Patriots who are still looking for answers but both have rookie quaterbacks they are leaning on. The AFC east will continue to be intruiging until the Pats get their act together. Titans seemed as if they rushed Jake Locker into the starting role and I'm not sold he can lead the Titans, although talented, to a playoff birth. My Colts who I try to avoid gloating about in my blog just received the biggest gift via trade from the Cleveland Browns. It's been running back by commitee since the days of Edgerrin James aka "Edge" aka one of my favorite running backs of all time. Although Vick Ballard showed some promise a season ago and the signing of Ahmad Bradshaw was key, in the words of the famous southern rapper Ludacriss "MOVE B**CH..GET OUT THE WAY"..because we finally got our guy in the backfield.

"Yall don't hear me though"

Week 3 starts 2night! .. Will Andy Reid get a victory back in the home of his former franchise? Or will the Eagles be able to "run and gun" themselves enough of a lead to put the game out of reach. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week 1 Thoughts

Week one of the new season is in the books. What have we learned so far? Here are some notes I took from the games I watched:

Broncos vs. Ravens

Peyton Manning 7TDs...Joe Flacco showed off his new contract by throwing the ball 62 times..not a formula for success for the Ravens.

Packers vs 49ers

Clay Mathews was more than ready for the read option. As he said in the off season, he would make sure he attacked and hit Kaepernick instead of "Dancing around" with the read option. He hit Kap, late and even sacked him. As it turned out, Kaepernicks' legs were a minuscule part in the 9er's game plan as he gashed them for 412 yards through the air and 3 TD's. Boldin played his rear end off as well, one of the best opening day performances from a receiver that I can recall.

Jets vs Buc's

Geno Smith gets the win in his rookie debue. I'm not going to blow smoke, I doubted and was pleasantly surprised by a Jets win. Geno showed poise in the pocket, the ability to not force and take what the defense gave him. Throwing for 256, a TD and 1 interception (a number I thought could possibly be in the 2-3 range)  Geno made plays with his arm and his legs which he is not so much known for. I'd like to see the Jets lean to trust Geno more in third down situations and use less of the "wildcat" formation as the season progresses. After a short week we don't have to wait long to see whats next for him and the Jets as they take on New England tonight. Call me a bandwagon fan because I'm rooting for a Jets win. It's hard to root against Rex Ryan and company, especially after I read this article, check it out I'd play for a head coach like that any day.

Giants vs. Cowboys

Giants had 6 turnovers ..and lost the game by 5 points. Romo played solid and put his defense in position to close the game out. That may need to be their formula for success because if it's on Romo's watch to finish?  The jury is still out.Not sold on the Cowboys, Giants work on not gift wrapping games for the opposing team they should improve. P.S, David Wilson stop responding to your twitter haters and focus on holding the rock bro.

Eagles vs Skins

Miachael Vick and the Eagles offense looked fast and explosive. Eagles defense looked blitz happy not allowing RGIII to get in a rhythm ...until he got in one and things got a little weary for Eagle fans. Can Philly keep the pedal to the medal offensively is my question. Will Mike Vick learn to slide feet first or will it be the countdown before he takes a season ending blow. Defensively? They're not going to play against a rusty who sat out an entire pre season after quarterback coming off  major knee surgery.

Patriots vs Bills

Bills played well all game, took the lead but could not convert when it counted with a key drop from Stevie Johnson. E.J Manuel kept the ball out of the Patriot defenses' hands as well as Buffalos' defense forcing 3 turnovers. When you have the Pat's on the ropes you have to deliver the knockout blow, Bills didn't do that putting up a donut in the forth quarter. I still believe they have the ability to surprise some teams.

Texans vs. Chargers

Chargers got out to a surprising 28-14 lead with 15 min remaining in the game. 17 unanswered points from the end of the third through the end of the forth and a late pick six from linebacker Brian Cushing tied the game. Philip Rivers started pressing, most likely due to the lack of trust he has in his offensive weapons. Texans woke up just in time to avoid a disappointing loss.
                                                                                                                                                              Other Quick Notes from around the league:

Drew Breese and Sean Peyton have been reunited like the Peaches and Herb herb classic. Quality win against a division foe who hosted the NFC championship a year ago. A running game has still yet to be established and defensively they've always been middle to bottom half of the pack at best.

My Colts got the win, Andrew Luck has ice water in his veins... Terelle Prior is dangerous... but he's still on the Raiders.

Larry Fitzgerald finally has a quarterback capable of getting him the rock, he and Carson Palmer connected for two very nice TD's BUT, Rams scored 14 unanswered in the forth quarter to complete the come from behind victory at home. Sam Bradford played solid, Rookie Tavon Austin and running back Daryl Richardson looked promising, TE Jared Cook had a big day.

Steelers are still on summer vacation.

Adrain Peterson explodes on the scene with 78 yard TD run on his first carry...Chritian Ponder looked as if he has regressed, both the offensive and defensive lines groups of the Vikings were man handled by Detroit and Reggie Bush stole the show.

Bradon Weeden may be better off throwing to himself , deflected passes, a couple off of receivers hands lead to 3 interceptions(DB Dimitri Patterson recording 2 of them). Second year quarterback Ryan Tannehill had no turnovers, a TD and 272 yards passing. Brian Hartline had a big day, not so much for newly acquired wideout Mike Wallace who had 1 reception for 15 yards. Defensive end Cameron Wake also had a big day with 2.5 sacks.

Bears Bengals played a close one. Andy Dalton and A.J Green connected early and often as did Cutler and Marshall. Turnovers were the issue for the Bengals against the Bears ball hawking defense lead by DB's Charles Tillman and Tim Jennings. Bengals let an 11 point lead slip and a late TD from Cutler to Marshall sealed the deal. Key stat for Bears? Jay Cutler sacked 0 times.

An ugly 12-7 victory from the Seahawks over the Panthers. Nothing flashy in this game another ball hawking defense, saftey Earl Thomas jarred the ball away from Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams in crunch time to allow the Seahawks to get out of Carolina with the Victory. Russel Wilson had no turnovers and a 43 yard touchdown pass earlier in the forth to second year wideout Jermaine Kearse to take the lead...well that was the flash as that TD catch was sick with it, snagging it over two defenders.

Alex Smith and Andy Reid start the year off right in KC with a 28-2 victory over the Jaguars...yea enough said.

A Little "Sumn sumn" from all 16.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Tim Tebow Receives a Contract Offer

After being cut by the New England Patriots there has been little to no interest by other NFL teams to bring the embryonic quarterback aboard. Whether its a lack of belief that he can play the position or avoiding the distraction of "Tebowmania" it looks like if Tim wants the chance to prove the doubters and the nay sayers wrong he's just going to have to take his talents elsewhere. That might just be the case as news has hit via that the AFL's LA expansion team owned by legendary rock band KISS has offered Tebow a three year contract apparently "worth millions". This is not the route Tebow hoped to take I am sure but hey, Kurt Warner created a blue print and if Tebow lights it up? He might just get his chance in the NFL again. Im rooting for ya Tim.

Check the full story

Thursday, September 5, 2013

NFL Is Back

NFL football is back tonight!. The defending champion Baltimore Ravens go into high altitude of Mile High stadium...that same stadium where Flaccos' hail marry heave left over 76,000 shocked..stunned en route to their second championship in the conclusion of the Ray Lewis era....

This live footage and the females reaction says its all..........hilarious and I must say I shared those same sentiments at the time.
At least Bronco Nation can say that was last season and its on to the next one. Tonight the Broncos have a chance at revenge right out the gate.

The 2013 Ravens are in the new look phase as they lost eight starters from last seasons SB team, the most not returning ever for a defending champion. No more Ray Lewis in the middle of the field, no more Ed Reed defending the deep ball. The faces of that defense that we've known for years will no longer be on the field, saying it will be an adjustment on our eyes as well as on for the players on the field  is an understatement. The additions on the other hand have been younger and less expensive signings for example, DT Chris Canty, saftey Michael Huff, and picked up Elvis Dummerville from the Broncos like a 100$ bill causally lying in the parking lot of a supermarket are 30,30 and 29 years old respectively. Offensively they lost Anquan Boldin and made Joe Flacco the third highest paid QB in the league. Ray Rice and second year back Bernard Pierce are still in the backfield, speedster Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones at wide out and  Ed Dickson and recently signed Dallas Clark for the injured Dennis Pitta.

The Broncos are the ones coming into tonight's game with revenge on their minds. In their home opener nothing would alleviate some of that awful taste from last season then a Bronco win tonight. Peyton Manning in town was brought to town in biggest change of scenery for a quarterback since Joe Montana was traded t to Kansas City in 93. They went 13-3 regular season, number one seed in the AFC, John Elway in the booth every so often the camera pans up just to let you know the legend is in the building. This was the team who "everybody and they moma" thought were going to at least get to the SB....As i stated before that was last season and its on to the next one.

The 2013 Broncos add Wes Welker aka "Slot Machine" on offense but lose defensive freak Von Miller for the first six games due to breaking the leagues substance abuse policy.

                                                                                                                                                              The vet. and one of my personal favorite corners of all time Champ Bailey will also be out tonight with a foot injury

Recently signed and former Eagle Domnique Rodgers-Cromartie along with 3rd year corner Chris Harris will be expected to receive the work load tonight. 
The Broncos also looked to fill the void on the opposite side of Miller(when he returns) by signing  sack specialist Shaun Phillips and drafting Quanterus Smith out of Western Kentucky in the 5th round of last years draft. 
A position on the field I will also be on who takes the reigns in the backfield, who will step up and "Tote the rock". Knownshawn Moreno has yet to prove he can stay healthy, Ronnie Hilman has the big play ability but hasn't necessarily proved he can be an every down back with that 195lb frame. Rookie running back Montee Ball from Wisonsin might have the prime opportunity and situation to make a splash in the scene and throw himself in the mix for offensive rookie of the year.

With that being said the NFL season is finally back my friends! I am expecting a fired up competitive game......for the first three quarters. Broncos pull away in the forth 31 -21. 

Look for these two to get familiar

What do think their talking about?.....I bet it's something along the lines of "Gee Brain Whata want to do today ??!?" "Same Thing we do everyday Pinky...Pick apart the defense!"