Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quick Thoughts from week 2 and Thursday Night Football

After week 2 of the NFL season I question how much separation has been created between the 0-2 teams the 2-0's and the 1-1's. Has is been much? Lets take a look

0-2: AFC- Steelers, Browns Jaguars
       NFC- Panthers, Redskins, Vikings, Giants, Buccaneers

Only two of these teams were playoff squads from last season being the Skins and Vikings. Out of this group I believe the Redskins and possibly the Steelers may have the best chance to turn their season around. Both divisions up for grab in the NFC East, as an 8-8 record or a 9-7 may just put you in first place(which gives every team in that division a fighters chance realistically). As for the team from "The Burg" as much as it pains me to say, the Steelers have issues with their offensive line and their offensive coordinator Todd Haley...heck, how about a running game! Their loyalty to the son of Dick Haley who put together those great Steeler championship teams from the 1971-90. The relationship has just not worked out and unless Big Ben is given more of the reins to play his "backyard football" style of play, the proud Steelers franchise will be on the outside looking in for a second strait season. But just like the NFC East, the AFC North is a division of great rivalries where anything outside of the Browns winning it can happen.. ....Cleveland, Cleveland all I can say is thank you, and I will get to that shortly.

2-0's : AFC- Patriots, Dolphins,Texans, Chiefs, Broncos
          NFC- Bears, Saints, Seahawks

Every team in this group I expect to be in the playoff hunt. Broncos,Texans and Seahawks are my clear cut standouts for locks come playoff time. The Pat's have to get healthy and the Dolphins believe they can surprise some people...well many many people.. Saints have the Falcons standing in their way, although they already beat them once week one. The Bears have Packers, Lions and even the Vikings who can still beat you any given Sunday because of #28 in the backfield. I see the Seahawks being the most dangerous team out of the pack,coming a game short of the NFC championship a season ago. I believe their goal is to secure home filed advantage and ride the wave of "The 12th Man" to the Super Bowl. We will see how they continue to fair on the road as they played a close one against the Panthers week 1.

1-1's: AFC - Jets, Bills, Bengals, Ravens, Colts, Titans, Raiders, Chargers
         NFC- Cowboys, Eagles, Packers, Lions, Falcons, Rams, 49ers, Cardinals

My locks out of this group would be the Bengals who I believe will win the AFC North and the 9ers who as we all know represented the NFC in the Super Bowl a season ago. Packers and Falcons will be in the hunt to win their division as well as the fighting chance for the Eagles and Cowboys who I already briefly discussed. Cardinals and Rams have improved but still have to dethrone the Seahawks an 9ers as the "top dawgs" in the division. Chargers, Raiders are looking up to the Chiefs (who we well get to see tonight ) and the Broncos the favorites to win the AFC West. Ravens will improve defensively but their offense has still been on snooze mode, the injury to Ray Rice dose not good news either. Jets and Bills have every opportunity to make ground on the Patriots who are still looking for answers but both have rookie quaterbacks they are leaning on. The AFC east will continue to be intruiging until the Pats get their act together. Titans seemed as if they rushed Jake Locker into the starting role and I'm not sold he can lead the Titans, although talented, to a playoff birth. My Colts who I try to avoid gloating about in my blog just received the biggest gift via trade from the Cleveland Browns. It's been running back by commitee since the days of Edgerrin James aka "Edge" aka one of my favorite running backs of all time. Although Vick Ballard showed some promise a season ago and the signing of Ahmad Bradshaw was key, in the words of the famous southern rapper Ludacriss "MOVE B**CH..GET OUT THE WAY"..because we finally got our guy in the backfield.

"Yall don't hear me though"

Week 3 starts 2night! .. Will Andy Reid get a victory back in the home of his former franchise? Or will the Eagles be able to "run and gun" themselves enough of a lead to put the game out of reach. 

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