Friday, September 20, 2013

Why I was wrong about the Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid in his illustrious return to Philly gets the win 26-16, Chiefs improve to 3-0 and the Eagles now have lost 2 strait on their home field. But what I took from the game was far from what I expected. Going into the game my initial thoughts were if the Eagles protect the ball and get their offense going the Chiefs wouldn't be able to keep up. If the opposite were to occur the Chiefs would be able to play efficiently enough to control the clock and keep Philly out of rhythm. My issue with Philly is solely based on their defensive unit and the piss poor effort they displayed a week prior against the San Diego Chargers. In my mind there was no way the Eagles could turn the ball over and stand a chance...just no way....but i was wrong. In an Eagles loss I saw some encouraging things going forward, especially in that vulnerable NFC East were taking the reins of first place is like running away from the kid with "Cooties" during recess in elementary school. Here are some key stats I took from last night.

 Sacks: Chiefs- 5 (Derrick Johnson .5, Justin Houston 3.5(Game Ball), Tamba Hali 1

             Eagles - 5(Nate Allen 1, Fletcher Cox 1, Trent Cole 1, Vinny Curry 1, Brandon Graham 1)

Eagles showed the ability to get to the quarterback and it was done by committee. The 5 sacks equals the total number they had combined coming into the game last night. They were effective and fast, getting stops on third downs(Chiefs 6-18 oin 3rd down situations) and as well as in scoring opportunities(Chiefs 1-6 in the red zone)...until the forth quarter when they really needed one..but at the same time it shouldn't have been on their shoulders. None the less it was contrary to what I thought before hand and that is a promising sign going forward. They showed they were capable, they showed they showed the potential to be consistent.

On they other side of the Ball we saw Justin Houston combine the attributes of Lawrence Taylor and J.J Watt. Not only the 3.5 sacks but also added 3 pass deflections, he disrupted the Eagles game plan all night. The third year linebacker from Georgia is  "chompin at the bit" to be recognized amongst the elite linebackers in the game.

Turnovers: Chiefs - 0
               Eagles - 5

5 turnovers will lose you just about any football game especially when the other team doesn't commit one. Two interceptions I'm sure Vick would love to have back and three lost fumbles, yet they were still a stop away from getting the ball back in the forth with an opportunity to score to go ahead.

Run Game: Chiefs - 147 yards ( J. Charles 93, Alex Smith 33, Knile Davis 25)

                   Eagles - 260 yards ( Mccoy 158, Vick 95, Brown 7)

This is the area of the game where altough the Eagles dominated, I think there could have been much separation created in this stat. Mccoy's numbers came on 20 carries which is around his avg. number of carries on the season. Michael Vick on the other hand, his yards came on 5 carries (4 mainly with the final one being a four yard loss) for 95 yards. Vick was 13- 30  through the air for only 201 yards as his main man  Desean Jackson being blanketed up for most of the night(Only 62 yards receiving). With that being said I believe those numbers would have enhanced his efficiency had Vick taken off more often.

Final Thoughts

I would of never thought the Eagles would have had 5 turnovers, Michael Vick would struggle passing, the Eagles defense would step up...for the most part..... and they would lose a close one. In a second strait home loss its tough to say there is a light at the end of the tunnel but if the Eagles fine tune a couple of areas I believe they can get back on track. Their defense needs to continue to be on the rise and the offense has to take what the defense gives them and eliminate those self inflicting wounds. Defensively they did enough last night to get a win...more then enough. I for one did not expect much out of that unit, and offensively I don't expect 5 turnover from the Eagles offense on a weekly bases.

On the other side, have the Chiefs arrived? Their 3-0 and they should feel good about themselves but I would pump the breaks before you check them off as playing at Met Life come Super Bowl time. Yes Jamall Charles is a beast, Alex Smith makes all the smart plays and doesn't turn the ball over. Their defense is young and athletic. But I' not sold on Donnie Avery getting 120 yard plus receiving yards every game with all his catches seeminging to come on third and longs especially late in the game. I get he stepped  up and exploited the Eagle defense with  the attention drawn to Dwayne Bowe and Charles out of the backfield. We also must remember they play in the same division as Peyton Manning, The Lightning Bolts, and the Oakland Pryors'.They came in with a good strategy so they deserve the credit, no mistakes on offense, and cause disruption on defense, even if it meant laying on the field faking an injury to stop the Eagles momentum ..tuche Andy Reid ..tuche


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