Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Thursday Night Football

Halloween 2013 we are treated to the 6-2 Bengals vs. the 3-4 Miami Dolphins. Bengals seem to be running away with the AFC North, as the Dolphins season has been...well, like this guy

Winners of three strait to start the season, and now currently on a four game slide and sitting at third place in jeopardy of falling into a tie for last with the Bills who have already beaten them. The Dolphins kinda sorta need this game to stay alive if not for the division, at least for the wild card down the road as it will be difficult (but not impossible) To catch the Pats.

On the other side, the Bengals are starting to flex their muscles...kind of like this guy
                                                                                                                                                              with wins over the Patriots, Steelers (Division win regardless of record) Packers, Lions and the dismantling of the Jets a week ago, if you don't know by now? Cincinnati is pretty darn good. Ranking in the top ten in both total offense and defense as a team, not even to begin to mention the individual standouts they have. Marvin Jones had the big game a week ago and A.J Green gets the majority of the headlines but they have another wide out who remains in my starting lineup in two of my three fantasy teams, and that is my former high school teammate and Rutgers standout Mohamed Sanu. Not only is this done out of the respect I have for the dude but mark my words HE WILL HAVE A BREAK OUT's only a matter of time. And I'm hoping tonight may just be that night.

A stat which favors the Dolphins going into tonight is on Thursday Night Football games this season with all games combined, the home or away teams have yet to win more than two in a row (3 Home, 4 Away). If the Trend continues? Dolphins pull off the upset victory tonight.

BUT, I'm going with my conventional wisdom tonight. Dolphins keep it close until Bengals get a key turnover late and pull away 35-24 and Sanu gives my fantasy team a treat with two touchdowns! Enjoy the game and Happy Halloween!

Any chance the "Phins" pull this win out, this is how they MUST play:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

4'9 Running Back Gets His First Career Carry

My entire life my father has constantly reminded me of the quote "Excuses are tools of the incompetent, built on monuments of nothing, those who use them? Sell them good for nothing." Vexatious as it was over time, it was what I needed to hear for a kid who for no good reason, liked to make excuses. This passed weekend I was reminded of those words when I read what happened at the end of Rice's big victory over UTEP. With 6 minutes remaining in the game entered 4'9 running back Jayson Carter. The miniature sophomore back who suffers from a growth disorder spends most of his time working with the practice squad. He has had a life long dream to play college football and this passed Saturday? His number was called ...what a special moment it was. 

Talk about Heart...

NFC Defensive player of the Week

Terrell Thomas of the New York Giants is this weeks NFC defensive player of the week. The 6th year cornerback from UFC recorded 11 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble while playing every snap on the field in the Giants win over the Eagles Sunday. Terrell is a perfect example of how to persevere in times of dismay or doubt, after 3 ACL tears and missing two full seasons it would be common human nature to call it quits. Not a household name and no Adidas campaign centered around his comebacks yet, each time under the knife he made a decision that he was not ready to give in.  Not when you have the drive and determination like this guy, and to simply be out there on the field is a blessing. Congrats on the award Terrell, you are the silver lining in the Giants foggy season thus far....seriously , I have "mad respect" for the dude.


          Musical Inspiration:                                                                                                                                                         

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Night Football Panthers @ Buccaneers

3-3 vs 0-6 is what we are treated to this Thurdays Night football, the week before Halloween....well  the ones that chose too...but just don't go running yet... We have a team with a former number 1 overall draft pick, same cat known for the infamous "Superman" Touchdown dance, taking on a team, the same team that acquired the "best corner in the league" aka "Revis Island" this off season, a safety in Dashon Goldson to bolster up that already top 5 rush defense, the SAME TEAM that had the number 5 leading rusher in the all of football as a rookie....start the season 0-6. Ok, I'll admit as purely a football fan this is not what I expected  from Tampa Bay coming into the year and as I even begin to dissect or even discuss what has happened with the Bucs?  Let me start by saying this is a must win game  for the Carolina Panthers...I repeat MUST WIN. An NFC South divisional game, on the road, lets see if the Panthers are for real. The Panthers have a top 5 ranked defense so far in the early season, 3rd in total defensive statistics to be exact. Facing a rookie quarterback, I look for the Panthers defense to make their mark. Look for linebackers Thomas Davis, and Luke Kuechly be active early and often, shutting  down a rush attack that will most likely not have Doug Martin featured. Saftey's Mike Mitchell, Robert Lester and corner-back's Captain Munnerlyn and company will have to be on the same page because who wants to bet they don't throw a few deep ones to Vincent Jackson?!?...Yeah I wouldn't make that bet neither... On the opposite side I would to see Cam Newton be efficient with his passing and decision making. Now his numbers so far aren't ground breaking but he has 10 touchdowns to only 5 interceptions with a 95. percent QB rating...not great but not bad in the same breath. And with that defense playing the way it is? Maybe he doesn't have to be great...not just yet. As for Tampa Bay? "I'ma" keep it short and simple if there is a weak link? And the head of the household is that link? Then down goes that household "yall gettin evicted" (sorry best I could come up with)...

Cam Newton wins big in this GQ photo shoot and Panthers make a statement on national television 35-17...

...As for the Buccaneers?? ..It's

Here's further pre- game break down along with some key match ups in tonight's game:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Post Week 7 Power Rankings

Last week I posted a write up of the NFL power rankings written by Frank Schwab of the Shutdown Corner via Once again I am going with his rankings this week as a few things have shifted the landscape around the league. Unlike most write up's that I've read, I like the way Frank takes into consideration strength of schedule rather then just going with the Kansas City Chiefs at number 1 just because they're undefeated. This is far from the college system where that is the case for the most part, the NFL is a much different beast where we see more teams go from hot to cold and vice versa, espcially as only two teams in history finished the regular season undefeated. This week he back tracked on a few statements which I commented on a week ago but his apparent love for the Cowboys remains.. and I still don't agree with it..not one bit.. Like Steven A. Smith always  says...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
                                                      "they're an accident waiting to happen!"

Check out Frank Schwabs' post week 7 Power Rankings

Shout-out to Devin Hester aka"The Windy City Flyer" for tying Deion Sanders all time returns record with his 19th Sunday against the Redskins. Two of my all time favorite players to watch Deion and now Devin are the greatest to ever do it in the return game...flawless technique,change of speed and patience, as well as a heck of a job by the other 10 guys on special teams that created the wall on this one!

On to Week 8!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Night Football Upset

I'm going out on a limb on this one...blind folded and walking into a lions cage and predicting that the Arizona Cardinals will pull off an upset of the powerhouse Seahawks tonight. No its not because I have the Arizona defense in one of my fantasy leagues and its definitely not because I think they are the better team....I repeat, they are not the better team. There last meeting dating back to last season was a 58-0 annihilation in favor of the sea birds, so the percentages will not back my opinion but I will still "Say it wit mah chest!" Yes I'm talking about a Cardinals team ranked 15th in total defense, yes the same team ranked 26th in total offense and yes the team with a quaterback who has thrown 11 interceptions to 7 touchdowns...Yikes...  My logic or much rather madness has everything to do with the fact that it is a division game on a short week. The game is in Arizona which is another factor I think plays into my decision as the Seahawks seem to miss the spark from the 12th man away from home...I mean who wouldn't...but a 2-1 isn't a bad road record in the slightest bit. Here's the thing, Arizona has the defensive backs lead by Patrick Peterson capable of "man ing up" Seattle's wide- outs allowing more defenders in the box to slow down Beast mode and that run game. Larry Ftizgerald will finally win the one on one battle which has been dominated by Richard Sherman and the Cardinals will come away with a key turnover late in the game...possibly on the final drive. Arizona wins a close one 21-17

Here's a more in depth breakdown of why the cardinals will win written by Shaun Church of SB Nation...guess I'm not the only crazy one

Brandon Marshall fined for what!?

I was wondering why Brandon Marshall was wearing those highlighter green cleats during last weeks Thursday night game against the Giants. Turns out it wasn't a fashion statement, rather it was to bring attention to Mental Health awareness week, something Marshall himself has openly struggled with and undergone treatment/therapy for in his recent passed. The league chose to fine Marshall 10,500 for a "uniform violation" which is  slap on the wrist in NFL standards but I personally am upset with the league for taking such action. Mental Health awareness is an issue that should be taking seriously, especially in an NFL where we see more DUI's and criminal charges passed around then any other professional league we have in America. I applaud Marshall for how he handled the situation and I strongly suggest that the league pays better attention to this issue rather than fine a player for promoting a good cause.

Check the full story

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jim Irsay said Peyton wasn't good enough!?

Colts owner Jim Irsay is not one who lacks the bravado when it comes to sharing his convictions,statements,  or predictions regarding his beloved Indianapolis Colts, just check his twitter feed. Heck,  Irsays' father was the conductor of the ship that drove the Colts out of Baltimore in 1984,"stealing them over night" while coincidentally using "Mayflower" moving vans in the process. Needless to say this brings me back to my original statement about not lacking the bravado moxi, "mojo" whatever you want to call it, it has trickled down from father to son. That being said his most recent comments about former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning are out of line, flagrantly disrespectful but on the flip side maybe... just maybe?.. An ingenious choice of words, a smoke screen or a speed bump attempt to throw off the focus of Peyton Manning before he returns to Indy this Sunday night. Taking a shot at the psyche that he knows the tactician, the perfectionist himself Peyton Manning worked his rear end off for year in and out. Mentioning getting bounced from the playoffs 7 out of 11 years that they made it in the first round, referring to other teams who have had multiple titles in that time span. Not even to mention all of those teams having top 10 defenses(Patriots,Pittsburgh, Giants, Baltimore) which Peyton never had while with the Colts, lets just throw that out the window...Yeah a load of horse dung for lack of a better phrase and self restraint from profanity...  So yea the Colts have "Changed their model" in the words of Irsay by going in a new direction and drafting Andrew Luck, another young quarterback ahead of his time, but they also have added a more balanced attack offensively and defensively, a much better compliment to an all pro QB and formula for a Super Bowl. So OK Irsay this 4 time league MVP, Super Bowl MVP, a guy who brought you 8 division championships, two AFC championships, more then a few 10 plus win seasons and just about every passing record in your teams history in 14 seasons, that guy underachieved?? I'm calling your bluff Irsay, although I get your angle but at the same time believe your team is capable of upsetting the Broncos without the below the belt shot at the future HOF QB... We'll see how well it works out Sunday night when number 18 comes running out of the visitors tunnel.

check the full story out:

Guess this was the look of an unsatisfied man when he left?...

I think is hard enough to come by..

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jets Sign Josh Cribbs

News broke earlier today that the Jets have signed return specialist Josh Cribbs. How he was not in the league is surprising to say the least being every team outside of  Denver,KC, Dallas, Chicago and a couple(just a couple) others you can make an argument for could use him. The 30 year old was last cut from the Raiders before the season started. With 8 career kickoff returns for a TD he is tied for the all time record in league history. Maybe he wants to be at the top of that list by himself with a comeback with the Jets... I know Jet fans hope so.

check the full story:

Think he still got it!?
                                                                                                                                                                      ...If any team has proven they can squeeze the last bit of life out of an aging star in recenrt years it has been the Jets....the J E T S Jets Jets Jets..We will see Playboy!

Post Week 6 Power Rankings

Check out the latest post week 6 NFL power rankings written up by Frank Schwab in the Shutdown Corner via Some wisecracks in the direction of a few teams, as well as some well deserved praise.

For the most part I agree with where he has each team positioned. Chargers with an impressive win against my Colts last night. Ryan Mathews having one of his best games that I've seen on the ground as well as the emergence of rookie wide out Keenan Allen filling in that lead receiver role. Long day for Greg Toler to say the least.

The Jets could be a little higher but while they continue to build through the growing pains of rookie QB Geno Smith I think flying under the radar is right where they want to be.

Where I disagree

The Cowboys by no means should be written in with pen as the number 4 seed in the playoff as well as NFC champs. The huge losses of Demarcuss Ware and DeMarco Murray will come into play as 4 out of their next 5 games are on the road vs Eagles, Lions, Saints, and Giants (far from a gimme) with a home game against the Vikings slapped in the middle. AP can single handily beat you any given Sunday. The Cowboys are talented but I would suggest a pencil or dry erase would be suffice making that statement.

The Bears win against the Giants last week was not impressive, but a prideful team as well as one in desperation mode as the Giants will be for the rest of the season can beat you any week. A win is a win

Nick Foles is playing very well filling in for the injured Michael Vick. That being said his two victories came against teams with a combined win total of 0. I love the confidence from Foles as well as his ability to make throws from the pocket. That being said Vick contributes to that number one rushing attack in the NFL and a few less dropped passes can add to a higher completion percentage. Heck, I suggested playing them both before the season started but given poor the dual quarterback percentages a healthy Vick in my opinion is the better option for the "now" with the Eagles. Another big game from Foles against Dallas? Now we have reason to have that conversation.

Last but not least I disagree on the failed attempt of a tackle from Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka...I respect the attempt but "Nah bro" well as holder Chris Maragos who only in this position due to the injury to Hauschka trying to have his one shining moment playing QB..again I say "Nah Bro"..

I encourage some feed back if you agree/disagree with these power rankings or my comments as another week in the books!