Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jim Irsay said Peyton wasn't good enough!?

Colts owner Jim Irsay is not one who lacks the bravado when it comes to sharing his convictions,statements,  or predictions regarding his beloved Indianapolis Colts, just check his twitter feed. Heck,  Irsays' father was the conductor of the ship that drove the Colts out of Baltimore in 1984,"stealing them over night" while coincidentally using "Mayflower" moving vans in the process. Needless to say this brings me back to my original statement about not lacking the bravado moxi, "mojo" whatever you want to call it, it has trickled down from father to son. That being said his most recent comments about former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning are out of line, flagrantly disrespectful but on the flip side maybe... just maybe?.. An ingenious choice of words, a smoke screen or a speed bump attempt to throw off the focus of Peyton Manning before he returns to Indy this Sunday night. Taking a shot at the psyche that he knows the tactician, the perfectionist himself Peyton Manning worked his rear end off for year in and out. Mentioning getting bounced from the playoffs 7 out of 11 years that they made it in the first round, referring to other teams who have had multiple titles in that time span. Not even to mention all of those teams having top 10 defenses(Patriots,Pittsburgh, Giants, Baltimore) which Peyton never had while with the Colts, lets just throw that out the window...Yeah a load of horse dung for lack of a better phrase and self restraint from profanity...  So yea the Colts have "Changed their model" in the words of Irsay by going in a new direction and drafting Andrew Luck, another young quarterback ahead of his time, but they also have added a more balanced attack offensively and defensively, a much better compliment to an all pro QB and formula for a Super Bowl. So OK Irsay this 4 time league MVP, Super Bowl MVP, a guy who brought you 8 division championships, two AFC championships, more then a few 10 plus win seasons and just about every passing record in your teams history in 14 seasons, that guy underachieved?? I'm calling your bluff Irsay, although I get your angle but at the same time believe your team is capable of upsetting the Broncos without the below the belt shot at the future HOF QB... We'll see how well it works out Sunday night when number 18 comes running out of the visitors tunnel.

check the full story out:

Guess this was the look of an unsatisfied man when he left?...

I think is hard enough to come by..

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