Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Post Week 6 Power Rankings

Check out the latest post week 6 NFL power rankings written up by Frank Schwab in the Shutdown Corner via yahoo.com. Some wisecracks in the direction of a few teams, as well as some well deserved praise.


For the most part I agree with where he has each team positioned. Chargers with an impressive win against my Colts last night. Ryan Mathews having one of his best games that I've seen on the ground as well as the emergence of rookie wide out Keenan Allen filling in that lead receiver role. Long day for Greg Toler to say the least.

The Jets could be a little higher but while they continue to build through the growing pains of rookie QB Geno Smith I think flying under the radar is right where they want to be.

Where I disagree

The Cowboys by no means should be written in with pen as the number 4 seed in the playoff as well as NFC champs. The huge losses of Demarcuss Ware and DeMarco Murray will come into play as 4 out of their next 5 games are on the road vs Eagles, Lions, Saints, and Giants (far from a gimme) with a home game against the Vikings slapped in the middle. AP can single handily beat you any given Sunday. The Cowboys are talented but I would suggest a pencil or dry erase would be suffice making that statement.

The Bears win against the Giants last week was not impressive, but a prideful team as well as one in desperation mode as the Giants will be for the rest of the season can beat you any week. A win is a win

Nick Foles is playing very well filling in for the injured Michael Vick. That being said his two victories came against teams with a combined win total of 0. I love the confidence from Foles as well as his ability to make throws from the pocket. That being said Vick contributes to that number one rushing attack in the NFL and a few less dropped passes can add to a higher completion percentage. Heck, I suggested playing them both before the season started but given poor the dual quarterback percentages a healthy Vick in my opinion is the better option for the "now" with the Eagles. Another big game from Foles against Dallas? Now we have reason to have that conversation.

Last but not least I disagree on the failed attempt of a tackle from Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka...I respect the attempt but "Nah bro"...as well as holder Chris Maragos who only in this position due to the injury to Hauschka trying to have his one shining moment playing QB..again I say "Nah Bro"..


I encourage some feed back if you agree/disagree with these power rankings or my comments as another week in the books!

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