Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Night Football Upset

I'm going out on a limb on this one...blind folded and walking into a lions cage and predicting that the Arizona Cardinals will pull off an upset of the powerhouse Seahawks tonight. No its not because I have the Arizona defense in one of my fantasy leagues and its definitely not because I think they are the better team....I repeat, they are not the better team. There last meeting dating back to last season was a 58-0 annihilation in favor of the sea birds, so the percentages will not back my opinion but I will still "Say it wit mah chest!" Yes I'm talking about a Cardinals team ranked 15th in total defense, yes the same team ranked 26th in total offense and yes the team with a quaterback who has thrown 11 interceptions to 7 touchdowns...Yikes...  My logic or much rather madness has everything to do with the fact that it is a division game on a short week. The game is in Arizona which is another factor I think plays into my decision as the Seahawks seem to miss the spark from the 12th man away from home...I mean who wouldn't...but a 2-1 isn't a bad road record in the slightest bit. Here's the thing, Arizona has the defensive backs lead by Patrick Peterson capable of "man ing up" Seattle's wide- outs allowing more defenders in the box to slow down Beast mode and that run game. Larry Ftizgerald will finally win the one on one battle which has been dominated by Richard Sherman and the Cardinals will come away with a key turnover late in the game...possibly on the final drive. Arizona wins a close one 21-17

Here's a more in depth breakdown of why the cardinals will win written by Shaun Church of SB Nation...guess I'm not the only crazy one

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