Thursday, October 17, 2013

Brandon Marshall fined for what!?

I was wondering why Brandon Marshall was wearing those highlighter green cleats during last weeks Thursday night game against the Giants. Turns out it wasn't a fashion statement, rather it was to bring attention to Mental Health awareness week, something Marshall himself has openly struggled with and undergone treatment/therapy for in his recent passed. The league chose to fine Marshall 10,500 for a "uniform violation" which is  slap on the wrist in NFL standards but I personally am upset with the league for taking such action. Mental Health awareness is an issue that should be taking seriously, especially in an NFL where we see more DUI's and criminal charges passed around then any other professional league we have in America. I applaud Marshall for how he handled the situation and I strongly suggest that the league pays better attention to this issue rather than fine a player for promoting a good cause.

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  1. I heard he said beforehand he knew there would be a fine and he would match it for the cause.